Monday, June 13, 2011

Keira is 1!!

First off, I want to wish this little girl the best of luck today!!  She is having ear troubles and they are putting tubes in her ears.  Our thoughts and prayers go out to you that everything goes well!!

Secondly... isn't she just adorable?!?!  I graduated with Keira's aunt and I can totally see their side of the family in her!!  Thanks for being wonderful for your session Keira!!

This was one of those just aim the camera without looking shots and even though her mouth didn't make the picture, I still think it is kind of cute!! Look at those eyes!!

 I got this chair from a friend and it came from a house that Frank Lloyd Wright designed and furnished.  One day I plan to have it redone, but I had to try it out!!

Thanks again and best of luck today!!!

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  1. Great pics, Tiffany! It's Mary, I worked with Joe at North and he gave me your blog. I love these. I'm always trying to photography my baby twin cousins and I have a hard time getting the light in their eyes like this. You do it so well!
    :) Mary