Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Scott + Ashley | Shot for Dani Stephenson Photography

I am REALLY behind on blogging, I'll admit it. Fall is such a crazy time of year for photographers!!  I wanted to have this up last week, but I had a work trip to Puerto Rico and I forgot my external hard drive which resulted in a week off of editing any photos. :(
Scott and Ashley's wedding day was just beautiful.  This wedding was shot for Dani Stephenson Photography and I want to thank her for inviting me along... all the way across the state!!!!  You can see her blog post along with the ladies here.
I do have to add that Scott gave me a new knick name that I do kind of like... T-dizzle. :)
Thanks again to all!!

We ventured to Ashley's Grandpa's farm.  I love when couple's have awesome locations that mean so much to them!