Thursday, July 28, 2011

Jeremiah & Hannah | July 9th

I was beyond excited when Dani Stephenson had asked if I wanted to second shot with her at one of her weddings.  Every new photographer dreams of the day when they get a chance to work with amazing artist like Dani... sooooo I JUMPED at the chance!!  When the day came I knew very little about Jeremiah or Hannah, that being the engagement photos that I saw on Dani's blog but just from that session you could tell that they were so in love and that there wedding day was going to be amazing.

So I just want to thank all of you for giving me this wonderful opportunity!!!

Check out Dani's blogpost here of Jeremiah & Hannah!!

Love Hannah's dress and shoes!! Her dress came all the way from Kleinfleds in New York City!!

After wedding attire for the bride and bridesmaids!!

First look at his lovely bride!!

All throughout the day Hannah's dad was so extremely cute in his actions!!  You can totally see that he loves his daughters and was SO proud of Hannah. 

This location is at Hannah's Grandparents house.  It is tradition for the family to get photos taken here!!!

Had to have a little more evidience that I shot with Dani.  :)

I have to put a disclaimer in here... right when the bride and groom were making their big entrance I heard a loud pop come from somewhere on my camera.  After the loud sound, I smelt a little burning, and felt my extremely hot speedlite to find that it had been pushed too hard for the day and decided to pretty much blow up inside.  You can say I was not thrilled to have to use my pop up flash!!

I don't have a photo posted of it, but Hannah's dad gave the greatest speech and then sang to his little girl.  HOW SWEET!!!

I don't think there needs to be any words for this photo of Jeremiah and his mom.  So sweet that she is so touched by the mother/son dance.

The wedding party, well they ROCKED!!  They truly got the party started out on the dance floor!!

Again, a big thank you to Dani, Jeremiah and Hannah!!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Chanel | 6 Months

In-between the rain this weekend, I had the pleasure of meeting this beautiful little girl and her mommy for a bit of humidity, sunshine, and photos!!  Chanel was such a trooper through her waredrobe changes and after she got over being a bit scared of me, she was happy and smiling for her pictures!!! 

Thanks to both mommy and Chanel!!!