Monday, June 27, 2011

Ella's 1st Birthday

It has been a few weeks since Ella's birthday party so I apologize to her mom and dad for the late blog post!!  I have a full time job that has been extremely crazy busy this past month and a half, then we went on a much needed family vacation where I put my computer away and just enjoyed my girls!!  Now it's time to hit the to do list!!

Ella is adorable all in herself and throw this cute outfit her mommy got off of she is even more adorable!!!

 Cake is made by Tania Clark, Ella's aunt.  Look her up if you need a cake for your upcoming event.  Her strawberry cupcakes with homemade strawberry butter cream frosting is my recommendation!! :)  Awesome stuff!!

 Pretty sure at this point in the day, she had enough partying... Jossi too!!

Hope you enjoyed your special day Ella!!!

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