Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Jackson is 4!!

This adorably awesome little boy turned 4 over the weekend!!  Jackson and his family are extremely adorable and I am honored to have gotten to do a session for them!!  It is funny how things in life all come back around... Jackson's Grandma Bonner use to babysit me when I was little!!!

We decided to meet at the elementary school in Mauston because Jackson is huge into baseball, but with the sun beating down on us, we never made it to the field!  He came well prepared with his glove, bat, and ball just incase we did though!!

Thanks for being great during the session Jackson and I hope you enjoyed your birthday party afterwards!

 We kept asking Jackson to find my eye through the camera since it was very bright out and he didn't want to look up!!  :)  He found it and told me my eyes were pink!!

 This one is for Jackson... it was his favorite one to give mom!
 I have to give major props to 8 month old Haden.  He was diagnosed with an ear infection the day before and was allergic to his medicine.  You would have never of know he didn't feel good!!

Thanks again to all!!

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