Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Hansen's

I had a BLAST with the Hansen Family as always!!!  This session was laid back and went awesome!!  We finished up right before the rain hit, but that doesn't mean the boys didn't get wet!! 

In Wayne's words, as many father's probably think when they have to get their pictures taken, "I thought that was going to be really painful, but it went really good!!" He wouldn't let me take his picture individually, but I think this one I snuck in is pretty cute and his wife will appreciate it!!

Now that I embarrassed Wayne, onto the family shots!!  :)

They are such an adorable couple!!!  I love that after years of marriage that when they walk somewhere, they still hold hands.

 The Hansen generation lives on!! Even if you don't know the Hansen's well, you can totally tell that these two boys are from this family!!  Wayne and Brad redone!!  :)

Sarah is simply gorgeous and was willing to pose for me... but that still didn't convince Wayne to do the same!!

Love and thanks to you all!!


  1. I love these Tiff!! Awesome Job!!

  2. LOVE THE PHOTOS! This Sarah girl is the most beautiful woman I've ever seen! And I'm not saying that just because she's my sister.

  3. Thanks Tiff!! They are wonderful!! You did a terrific job!!