Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Amelia is 1 year old!!!

I just have to say that Amelia is one of the cutest little girls ever!!  I did Amelia's 6 months photos back in February and got the pleasure to do her 1 year photo's this past weekend.  She was a little more active this time around and more hesitant on wardrobe changes, but she was a great sport about it.  This time around we got a few of Mom and Dad too!!!  The entire family is SO adorable!!!

 I want to thank Emily Schmidt of Emily Schmidt Photography for letting me borrow her adorable banner!!!

I can never decide between color or black & white!!!

Thanks for the great support... I love returning clients, you are the best!!

1 comment:

  1. No problem! You're very welcome. They turned out really cute...and I vote the color one (for the one you weren't sure of b&w). I sometimes have the same problem though - liking it both ways :)