Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Nick + Kayla {Chula Vista Wisconsin Dells Wedding}

Nick and Kayla had a beautiful day to celebrate their union! With the weather we have been handed this Spring it was meant to be!!

They celebrated at the beautiful Chula Vista in Wisconsin Dells. We did have to dodge a golf ball here and there and I do believe the group photos were saved by the beer cart that came by!!! Golfers were kind and gave Kayla a ride when they saw her walking down the green and the staff saved the day with music when the guitarist was stuck in the crazy Dells traffic and didn't make it to the ceremony in time.

Thanks Nick and Kayla for inviting me along to capture your day!!

 I had to laugh at this. totally something my kids would do.

 this girl cracked me up. she wouldn't let me take her photo and she had the cutest expressions!
In memory of Kayla's dad who passed too soon.

 There were a few entertaining moments when guests picked up the mic. :)
 thanks again and best of luck for your future!!  ~tiffany