Thursday, July 12, 2012

Ella is 2!!!

Like most 2 year olds Miss Ella wanted nothing to do with her pictures. She wanted to be held, then run and play with her Daddy.  She is for sure a Daddy's girl, it is so cute to see!! :)  At one point I even told Matt to beat it and go enjoy a drink at the Body Shop since we were close by!!  Yes everyone I toture parents by telling them to go relax for a bit!!

I hands down love these.  The light was perfect and we used new locations that everyone probably drives by daily and doesn't give them a second glance.  Matt will tell you we were in weeds, but those weeds were beautiful. :)


these earrings are forever lost in the field.

A few pictures from Ella's birthday party!!  Cakes made by Tania Clark of Jossabean Sweets!

i claim these two goofy girls!

Ella's mommy is expecting again and before this cake was brought out, we all had to guess the sex of the baby.  the room was divided.  i am happy to report for probably the first time ever, i guessed right!!  this is such a CUTE idea!!

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